Hi All,
So much I have learned while blogging!
Oh, and still learning!

I started on this platform, Goggle Blogger, for a new venture. Some times I was very active and thought I found a new hobby; but after an on and off, "finding myself" period I slacked off.

Thinking I would start fresh with a new and more gadget laden website, I switched to WordPress. Oh, how fun designing and building a website can be. Yes, I really enjoyed it...but, I do not have the time to learn the language of HTML, and with my direction changing towards a platform for business I did not have the time to invest.

Back to the drawing board and a switch to Go Daddy. Okay, now I have the ease with some design elements and business tools that I was after, but alas, no blog. Hum, so back to the beginning of the circle.

You may have noticed the original name of Moon Over The Mountain has been changed to Blue Belle - Farm Nouveau. Changes will continue as I tweak and link goodies to my other web site and shop site.

For now my friends, this page will be where all the previous Blogger posts will inhabit. Sort of the ghost of blogger past. Do not worry, Blogger future will be running soon.

Until next time,

Love Deb

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