September 10, 2014


Hi All,
Cooler temperatures at night have changed my jeweled colored garden to sage, golden caramel, crimson and deep brown. I am yearning to get my sweaters out and make some hot apple cider– but, I live in California! 
The days are still warm and some even HOT!  When the nurseries have been telling us to plant our fall crops, my garden is still producing tomatoes, at least until the first frost.
New to my area and elevation, I am trying to understand when and where the best locations are for my plants.  This is what I have discovered this summer: 
My greenhouse will be doing double duty next Spring, getting all those veggies and flowers growing strong. I will need to have some cold frames around the veggies I put out first. (This year my sweet 100’s had an unexpected foot of snow dropped on them and ended up blanketed in a bubble wrap tent for 5 to 7 days!) I will be ready next year!
Working over the summer and not having drip irrigation on a timer did not work. Many days I watered early in the morning, only to come home to very thirsty plants. On the same note, an automatic ventilation system for my greenhouse would have been a help.
This has made me think about what I need to do to have a more profitable crop next year.
My plan for gardening is to approach it like caring for a 2 year old.
I must have unlimited energy, a patience and understanding love, be willing to give attention at any given moment, devote, encourage and coax along, be ready for any emergency and prepare for disaster!
Along with battling the deer, squirrels and birds, I think I might get a few vegetables and some flowers next year. Meanwhile, I will continue to receive all those beautiful, colorful seed catalogs this winter and dream of a stunningly delicious garden in 2015. Time will tell.

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